Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mother of 2 kids

I'm mother of 2 kids. It's hard to keep them alive. I have to cook, iron, wash everyday. It's hard to earn any money because all the time I have to look after my two boys. Both of them are grown-ups but still it's not easy and I have to keep watching them. I have a hard life like hell. My husband left me because he found a girl - younger and more beautiful than me. Bastard!
The sons however bring great happiness. I am the mother of two sons, and I am happy that their bringing up is so good and I'm still learning something new to bring them even better, although they are adults ... I wonder how to do it even better that they were happier in lifeHow to pass all my knowledge on them?

Each of us moms want to be the best mom for their children. We try to make our children happy, we want to give them the best possible future. We love them so much that it hurts ... Does this mean that we are good mothers? How would you define a good mother?

"A good mother is one who loves her children no matter what", the first thought that usually comes to our minds when someone talks about being a good mom. However, is the good mother one who forgives all stumbling and mistakes of his children? Do not look at criticism and does not see the faults of their children?
Love for a child is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful love, what a man can experience. The bond that is born between the mother and her little one is unusual and beautiful. But sometimes it is very difficult. It is often exposed to many trials. The child turns out not to be the perfect baby who sleeps at the right time and sleeps all night, do not sit on the potty at the age of 8 months and sucks when the dragon is 3 years old. Then do not learn at school, has trouble with math and goes for dating at age of 16!

But the children bring to their parents other worries. Mother often upsets by the child's too much crying or whining. Child howls, if he do not get what he wanted, or sais, as it seems mom maliciously "I prefer my dad." Mom then loses patience. The child's anger, she starts to cry, or in a fit of despair, finds that it would be better if her mother was not at all here! Is anger and frustration associated with the child necessarily mean that ceases to be a good mother? Is the ideal mother is one who is never annoying and always, no matter what the circumstances are full of holy patience?

Mother is first and foremost a human being. A woman. She is therefore entitled to sadness, anger. She has the right to be dissatisfied with her child, but should still be able to always be on his side, while recognizing his mistakes and be able to explain it to him. Perhaps a good mother is also the one that finds time for herself, but also read some stories to bed and will fool around with him in the snow. Maybe a good mother is also one that is able to say "no" and set limits. .. What really is a good mother? What does that mean? This question each of us must answer alone ... Remember that life always verifies our views.

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